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Restored '87 from the Cedar Rapids, IA
Restored '87I had an new original '86. I lovedthe car. I needed something bigger so I traded it for a Saturn SL2 in '94. Huge mistake for several reasons. I missed the car terribly so in November of '05 I bought one that was about 700 miles away. I...

CRX-HF from the Michael Campiglia Florida
I bought this car with 206,000 miles on it (no mistake 206,000 miles) and it runs flawlessly. I had rust and some dent damage to contend with, but it is a wondeful, fun-to-drive, hot little fuel saver (in this Bush-wacked high-gas-price era). Rated by...

CRX Review from the oaguilar, from Houston, TX
I bought my rex with 56,000 (not exaclty) miles on it. I was in high school when I first became interested in the little
Honda. I had received an '88 HF model for my birthday (thanks Mom), but it lacked the ponies (64...ouch). 6 months later I...

CRX HistoryThe Honda CR-X, originally launched as the Honda Ballade Sports CR-X in Japan, is a compact sports car manufactured by Honda. The first generation CR-X was sold in some regions outside Japan as the Honda Civic CR-X. The "CR-X" name is said by some to stand for "Civic Renaissance-Experimental".

The Mk 1 Honda Civic CR-X was first produced in 1983 and is a lightweight sport hatchback. In the US market, the CR-X was marketed as an economy sport hatchback, having room for just two passengers. European markets, however, received a more powerful 130 hp engine and four seats.

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